T-Minus Six Weeks to the Con!

romanhelmavatarWith less than six weeks to go, the waters recede ahead of the oncoming storm.  A wave appears on the distant horizon, and excitement builds as we prepare ourselves for the inevitable strike… TsunamiCon is coming.

This week it’s finally time to start shifting gears.  We’ve been hard at work planning the events that your convention organizers, volunteers, special guests, and local GMs have in store, and the schedule has started taking shape.  In the coming weeks, you can expect to see us highlighting specific events, telling you more about them and inviting you to take part.  You expect to see some video promotion, audio features through our podcasting network, blogs and social media posts, and so forth.  In fact, if you skate on over to event registration now, you’ll find a collection of different RPG offerings, some miniature gaming and other tabletop games, LARPing sessions, and more!

Also, swag has been ordered, and we’ll only be able to sell a few more VIG tickets, so if you’re interested it’s time to make your selection.  Some of the swag has already shown up… *grins*

We also have even more prizes coming in from companies such as Atlas Games, Czech Games Edition, Looney Labs, Cheapass Games, and more!  As always, if you have a question that you can’t find an answer to on the website, you can check our FAQ or drop me a line at info@tsunamicon.org.


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