About TsunamiCon

TSUNAMICON was an idea born of the inane need for four local gamers to push the boundaries of social tension and good sense and connect with the local and regional gaming community in a new and exciting way.  For years, the Prismatic Tsunami tabletop gaming community – founded by Erik Carl in 2003 and now managed by he and his wife Jonikka – has focused on reaching out through online services, contemporary media, and local event management to bring increasing numbers of RPG and boardgame enthusiasts out of the proverbial closet and into the arms of a growing community of like-minded folk.  Based out of Wichita, Kansas, Prismatic Tsunami hosts a small network of RPG and geek- and gamer-related podcasts, a small-press publishing community and gaming periodical, and a successful series of local GameDay events and charity drives.

In 2013, the community was joined by the organizers of Game Strategies Institute, a midwestern coalition of game masters dedicated to creating quality RPG scenarios and providing skilled GMs to attend local and regional conventions and gameday events.  Soon enough, the maelstrom of creativity and drive that coalesced around Erik and Jonikka and GSI founders Shaun and Eli Duncan took on a life of its own, and TsunamiCon was born with seismic grace and a strong reaction from the local gaming community.

It’s worth noting that, in no small part, TsunamiCon would not exist without our amazing community of backers, promoters and supporters from the earliest evolution of the con.

Meet your management and support team for TsunamiCon 2023:

Erik Carl, Director

A consummate gamer and gaming overachiever, Erik strives to assuage his enormous ego by doing everything he can to associate himself with social gaming in the Midwest. Erik is the principle administrator of the Prismatic Tsunami community for tabletop gaming enthusiasts and the producer and host of the Metagamers Anonymous RPG podcast. In his spare time, he moonlights as a budding novelist and a blues musician with a closetful of CDs he may try to sell you.

Shaun Duncan, Events Coordinator

Shaun has been an avid connoisseur of table top role-playing games since he was 11 years old. Starting off in D&D, he quickly found a home as a GM in games such as GURPS, Shadowrun, Vampire: The Masquerade, Paranoia, Call of Cthulhu, Serenity, Rifts and more. When he’s not trying to turn the PCs against each other, he likes to write high-quality adventures for the everyman. He’s particularly fond of games that blur the lines between good and evil, leading to the sudden but inevitable betrayal of a favorite NPC.

Eli Duncan, Volunteer Coordinator

Eli was born in Arkham, Massachusetts, where her father was the town vicar and taught occasional classes at the university. When she was eleven, she received her owl inviting her to study at Hogwarts, where she would excel in transfiguration and defense against the dark arts. Spending her summers in Florin and Westeros, she gained an appreciation for the art of starting wars and blackmail. She was headed down a dark path when a strange man in a blue box appeared. Together, they had many wonderful travels and even helped out a rag-tag team of space pirates in something called a “firefly”. Eli now has a comfortable life spinning tales for her three children, who sometimes listen.

Jonikka Carl, Business Manager

Jonikka has spent much of her life demonstrating just how wrong bigoted geeks who don't believe girls belong in the hobby can actually be. When away from the game table or one of the Tsunami community's numerous events, Jonikka spends much of her time rotating between a wicked proficiency with crochet and a single-minded devotion to first-person shooters and story-driven CRPGs. She is also an accomplished podcaster and a fairly devious gamer when she takes a turn behind the screen.

Justin Wilson, Creative Director

Justin wants to live in a world where people can slather their bodies with grease paint, wear armor crafted from fun foam, and pretend to be dark elves free of persecution. When he’s not creating marketing collateral for TsunamiCon, you can find him and his fellow adventurers delving dungeons, slaying dragons, and rescuing damsels in the Metagamers Anonymous Actual Play Series. He thrives on games that explore the depth of characterization and provide him the opportunity to stretch his improvisation muscles to the fullest.

Ken Young, Technical Director

Ken likes to spend his days living and working inside the Matrix. When he’s not building machines and software solutions for the team's mad schemes, he likes to spend his time behind the screen promoting the glories of Grewhawkian heroics. Like a boss.


  1. Hello! I wanted to know if there was anyway to be involved as a cosplay guest for this convention. I have a media kit and can answer any questions

    • Thanks for asking, Delaney. I’ll have someone reach out to you directly.
      – E. Carl (Director)

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