Guests and Featured Events

Mikey Mason: Back by popular demand, Mikey joins us yet again at TsunamiCon 2023! Mikey Mason’s live musical geek comedy show is a rare treat, chocked full of delightful references and in-jokes sure to please the geek and gamer in all of us. Mikey brings a world-class level of comedy entertainment. Admission to his live shows is free with your TsunamiCon badge.

Mikey Mason LIVE! | Friday, October 20th at 7pm
Mikey Mason LIVE! | Saturday, October 21st at 7pm

James “Pigeon” Fielder, Ph.D. is a political scientist at Colorado State University and retired from the U.S. Air Force as a lieutenant colonel and associate professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Pigeon is also Marine Corps University Non-Resident Krulak Fellow for academic years 2021-2026 and is the director of professional and educational games for roleplaying game company Mobius Worlds Publishing. Pigeon researches emergent political processes through cyber-based interaction and through tabletop and live-action gaming as natural experiments. He also has over two decades of experience designing, executi0thng, and assessing training exercises and wargames, from small-group tabletop discussions to multi-day exercises engaging 5,000+ participants. He is an associate editor of Simulation & Gaming, is on the editorial board of the MORS Journal of Wargaming, was a TEDxMileHigh speaker on games, and has been interviewed on game-related topics by Reuters, USA Today, and NBC News.

Join Pigeon for any of the following events:

Prowlers & Paragons: Tornado Season | Saturday, Oct 21st at 9am
Prowlers & Paragons: A Murder in Mumbai | Sunday, Oct 22nd at 9am
Worldbuilding 101 | Saturday, Oct 21st at 4pm

Casey Christofferson is a local author, illustrator, and art director for role playing games. Casey has worked in game design publishing for over 20 years. His credits include work for Frog God Games, Necromancer Games, Planet X Games, Goodman Games, Troll Lord Games and others. Casey’s notable works include the Bard’s Gate setting and the City of Brass adventure campaign for Frog God Games where he served as primary author, art director, and lead designer. Casey also worked heavily in the development of the Castle Keepers Guide for Troll Lord Games and continues to design compatible works for Castles & Crusades.  His upcoming adventure “Raslam Asylum” will be available for order on Indiegogo from late September through mid-October.  See him at the Frog God Games booth, or running one of his many adventures!

Join Casey for any of the following events:

Encephalon Gorgers on the Moon | Friday, Oct 20th at 7pm
Fungus God from Outer Space | Saturday, Oct 21st at 9am

Celebrate the return of the celebrated Dungeon o’ Doooooooom at our 2023 event, a 3D Dungeon Delve experience where you play one of 6 heroes who are trying to fight their way to the center of the dungeon in order to destroy the evil that has brought the dungeon to the realm. When a player character dies, there will be a bone taken from the character sheet and placed in the dungeon to mark that character’s death.

This is a come-and-go game. If you have 15 minutes, 1 hour, or more stop by and visit. Observers are always welcome. The event is free with your TsunamiCon badge!

A proud TsunamiCon tradition started by the fine folks from Reaper Miniatures at our very first con, we invite you to stop in and select one of this year’s Bones mini selections to paint and take home at your leisure. In contrast to the metal alloy figures that have been part of the hobby for time out of mind, bones miniatures are comprised of a special polymer plastic that’s easy to paint, requires no primer, and looks fantastic. All the painting supplies you need are on hand, and the event is FREE with your TsunamiCon badge!

The Reaper Paint & Take event is open at various hours throughout the convention. Stop in anytime and enjoy this unique opportunity to partake in a fun and relaxing activity at this year’s convention.

Jonikka’s High Tea: Convention founder and a lifelong fellow gamer, Jonikka and Assam Teas return this year with their popular, exclusive tea party event. Enjoy a variety of luxury teas and baked goods courtesy of Assam Teas! Tables will include quick-play games like Fluxx and Sushi Go, and fun prizes and party favors will be awarded for good behavior. Seats are limited! Don’t miss this unique convention experience!

Sunday, Oct 22nd at 1pm

The crew from the Prismatic Tsunami Podcast Network will be hosting ongoing coverage of the convention on Twitch, with additional live programming during scheduled events at the con:

Metagamers Anonymous LIVE! Join the crew from Metagamers Anonymous for a live discussion of TsunamiCon 2022! They’ll talk about getting back to the table following the pandemic and visit some of the highlights of the event. Come to the show or tune in live on Twitch.

Saturday, Oct 21st at 6pm