Guests and Featured Events

We are currently investigation possible guests and featured events for TsunamiCon 2022!

Here are some of the featured events from our virtual cons:

Mikey Mason: Back by popular demand, Mikey joins us yet again at TsunamiCon 2020 Virtual Con! Mikey Mason’s live musical geek comedy show is a rare treat, chocked full of delightful references and in-jokes sure to please the geek and gamer in all of us. Mikey brings a world-class level of comedy entertainment. This activity is free with your TsunamiCon badge.

Saturday, October 17th at 8pm.
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Clearly Guilty: Enjoy an exclusive performance by Kansas City’s Premiere Nerd Band: Clearly Guilty! Enjoy 60 minutes of original comedy music about gaming, sci-fi, pop culture, and more. This activity is free with your TsunamiCon badge.

Saturday, October 17th at 6pm.
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Evil Beagle Games seeks to build a community – via their games, via the Omniverse – where inclusivity matters, everyone is welcome to be a hero, and they’re able to discover the best version of themselves. They are currently best known for their Freedom Squadron line, their Prowlers & Paragons superhero line, and a ton of supplements for all kinds of games (Savage WorldsD&D 5ePathfinder, and more).

In addition to a fine slate of games hosted by special guest Sean Patrick Fannon, the Beagles are presenting an entire schedule of exclusive panels via Zoom during the hours of the con:

Jonikka’s High Tea returns to our 2020 event, courtesy of Assam Teas. Join Jonikka for a Zoom tea party with curated samples mailed in advance, featuring a selection of some of the company’s newest and most popular blends.

Sunday, October 18th at 12pm.
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The crew from the Prismatic Tsunami Podcast Network will be hosting ongoing coverage of the convention on Twitch, with additional live programming during scheduled events at the con:

Exposition Street: A Prismatic Filmcast presents a rewind review of Walt Disney/Pixar’s latest concoction from earlier this year: Onward (available on Disney+). This charming adventure film is rife with tabletop gaming references (and D&Disms, if you will), with all the usual power and grace of a Pixar offering. And our hosts tear it up a bit, lay out the pieces, and offer a heartfelt reaction to the films many triumphs and flaws. (Saturday, Oct 17th at 2pm on Twitch)

Metagamers Anonymous LIVE! Join the crew from Metagamers Anonymous for a live recap of TsunamiCon 2020! They’ll talk the year of gaming in the pandemic, mull over the virtual con experience and ways that they can improve, and revisit some of the highlights of the event. Tune in live on Twitch and be part of the show via the chat. (Sunday, Oct 18th at 5pm on Twitch)

GM’s Workshop: The newest program – a patreon exclusive from Prismatic Tsunami! Join them for the debut episode of the GMs Workshop, recorded live at TsunamiCon 2020! Participants will join the hosts over zoom for a brainstorming session that takes a worldbuilding element – such as a town, an organization, or an adventure – from inception to conclusion, exploring the creative process as you build something together that any GM can then drop into a campaign. (Sunday, Oct 18th at 7pm on Twitch)