A Note from the Director

It was about 10 years ago, summer of 2013, when I first uttered the word “TsunamiCon” to my fellow podcasters on Metagamers Anonymous. We’d been casting pods about gaming for over a year at this point, and I had been inspired by a show I listened to out of Chicago to connect with a local game store – The Burrow – and launch our Tsunami GameDays. We were working on our second such event, and I remember telling my crew about a con in St. Louis that had been constructed by the hosts of a podcast. And I said… “I see TsunamiCon in our future.”

It got a good laugh.

We weren’t the kind of people who launched major events. Those took money. And vision. And a lot of work. It wasn’t until after we met Shaun and Eli at one of our early GameDay events that a plan started to take shape. I had more than a decade of experience planning events when I was in radio, but I’d never even been to a game con. Shaun and Eli, on the other hand, had helped run the gaming at several conventions over the years, and the idea of building one from the ground up was appealing. Jonikka helped me run the numbers and we started working on a game plan.

In the spring of 2014 we launched our startup. I had seen another convention out of Waco, TX, launch a Kickstarter campaign to pre-sell tickets, and I realized that we had finally (potentially) solved the last big problem: raising capital. None of us had much money to put into the endeavor, and it would take a large injection of cash up front to secure a venue, print programs, merchandise, promotional materials, pay for hotel rooms, catering, equipment, signage – the list went on and on!

And that’s how we did it. Kickstarter.

I know it may be hard believe if you’ve never been in the business, but in 10 years we’ve never made a dime on TsunamiCon. As we grew the convention became more expensive, and any money we made – which wasn’t much! – went right back into the event. In a very real sense, it’s a labor of love… and we know that our community gets that. Because so many of our friends and fellow gamers volunteer their time, energy, and yes, CASH, into helping make TsunamiCon an amazing place to spend a weekend in Wichita.

The Pandemic hit us hard, of course. The costs of running an event have skyrocketed, while our attendance numbers took a dive. It took everything we had and then some to make 2021 happen… we gave until it hurt, and in some ways we’re still reeling. But there was never a question that we’d made a run at Year 10. This event means a lot to us and our community, and we owe it to ourselves to keep on giving.

But we need money. It’s been a few years since we turned to Kickstarter for help, but we want more than anything to make this year’s event successful, and the cost of entry is daunting. Kickstarter represents our first best chance at putting together the bare minimum funds to kick things into motion, and we the community to pull together.

So pledge. Get your friends and family on board. If you’re not sure about how Kickstarter works, ask us. Share the campaign. On Facebook. On Twitter. To your Instagram followers, on TikTok – wherever you can! It’s important. Not to line anybody’s pockets or make anyone feel important, but just to help provide our local gaming community a place to get immersed in gaming fun and frivolity for three amazing days!

This campaign has been a grind, but it’s far from over!

TSUNAMICON 2022 | We’re Back!

It has been nearly three years since we’ve gathered en masse to celebrate our unique and amazing hobby. We’ve weathered numerous cancellations, venues shutting down, a massive shift entirely into cyberspace (with all the hiccups that naturally extend from that grand endeavor), and a fine-tuned existential dread that some things will never be what they once were… And yet, we still gather around tables in our homes and local hobby shops to adventure, rabble-rouse, skirmish, and trade wood for sheep with reckless abandon.

So it’s official: TsunamiCon is back again for another round of gaming goodness this October 21st, 22nd and 23rd. This year we are descending on the historic Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview in downtown Wichita, just across from Century II. We’ll be filling their grandiose 9,000-square-foot ballroom to the brim with gaming tables and special events, and using the adjacent Riverview Room – with it’s picturesque view of the east bank – as our Marketplace and Guild Hall. We have also secured a special hospitality room for our VIGs, and will be working with the hotel restaurant and caterers to provide excellent food and snack options throughout the con.

Early VIG badges are now available, and tickets will go on sale soon enough. We’ll be making announcements in the weeks ahead regarding featured events and special guests. As always, if there is a special game, panel, or event you would like to bring to the con, reach out to us at events@tsunamicon.org to discuss the particulars. If we can fit it in and it feels like it belongs at our event, we will. We will also open game registration soon, allowing GMs to list games and events for attendees to join. It’s never a bad idea to plan your convention experience in advance to get the most out of the experience.

Stay tuned, friends. And be sure to spread the good news! TsunamiCon is back for 2022!

Announcing TsunamiCon 2021 Virtual Con

Are you ready for the main event? Join the crew of TsunamiCon, Wichita’s premiere tabletop gaming convention, for our fall convention. In the wake of the continuing public health crisis, TsunamiCon 2021 will once again be entirely virtual.

TsunamiCon attendees can enjoy a number of fun and exciting events throughout the weekend – brought right to your computer and/or mobile device! Including a variety of tabletop games and RPGs, Featured Events, Demos, Special Guests, Organized Play, Live Entertainment, Panels, Contests and Giveaways, and more…!

TsunamiCon 2021 Virtual Con is scheduled for the weekend of October 22nd thru 24th, and registration and event submission is now open! Keep an eye on our website (www.TsuanmiCon.org) and our social media feeds for updates and information.

Announcing our Spring 2021 Virtual Con!

Join the crew of TsunamiCon, Wichita’s premiere tabletop gaming convention, for our newest gaming adventure. In the wake of the continuing public health crisis, our 2021 events will be entirely virtual – starting with our very first springtime convention!

Tsunami GameFaire attendees can enjoy a number of fun and exciting events throughout the weekend – brought right to your computer and/or mobile device! Including a variety of tabletop games and RPGs, Featured Events, Demos, Special Guests, Organized Play, Live Entertainment, Panels, Contests and Giveaways, and more…!

Our inaugural Tsunami GameFaire event is scheduled for the weekend of April 30th thru May 2md, and registration and event submission is now open! Keep an eye on our website (www.TsuanmiCon.org) and our social media feeds for updates and information.


Badges and Game Submissions

Ladies and gentlemen… start your engines! Or at least start paddling toward shore!

TSUNAMICON 2020 Virtual Con is just over two months away, and the crew is working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you a fantastic program with featured guests, fantastic swag, cool events, and plenty of great gaming opportunities. Now we’ve started gathering down on the beach and taking a long, hard look at our virtual playground – and you are welcome to join us!

Badges are now available! A weekend pass for TsunamiCon 2020 is only $5. That’s an insane value! You get THREE DAYS of scheduled gaming, access to our special features and events, plenty of opportunities to socialize with your fellow gamers, and a chance to win some cool prizes! Be sure to check out our expanded badge options, as well – our higher tiers include actual physical merchandise shipped right to your door! And if you just want your $5 badge and a T-shirt, that’s also an option!

GAME MASTERS! It’s also time to start submitting your games for TsunamiCon weekend.

The tide is rolling in, and we have to be ready for some serious fun once the wave finally gets here! So grab your virtual gear and get ready for TsunamiCon 2020! Huzzah!!

TsunamiCon 2020 Update

I have been getting this question a lot lately, and rightly so. TsunamiCon 2020. What’s the plan?

I apologize for the radio silence to date. In the current socioeconomic climate, the uncertainty regarding a fall event has been weighing heavily on us all. During a brief managers’ meeting this past week, we reached the difficult decision not to pursue a fall 2020 schedule for our annual game convention in Wichita. The current crisis has left us uncertain of the viability of an October event and unable to reliably pursue fundraising efforts this summer. TsunamiCon has always been a grass roots con that requires annual fundraising efforts to be sustainable, and time is working against us at this point.

We are shifting our focus instead to an online event for October 16th thru 18th. TsunamiCon(line) 2020 will include a schedule of online games meeting our typical standards of variety and excellence, using the tools and platforms available to us in a virtual setting. We will also focus on innovative ways to create expansive gaming experiences, and we will try to build a program that includes celebrity guests, panels, and social gatherings.

There will be a small registration fee, with premium tickets available that include digital swag and limited merch, and I will take pre-orders for official TsunamiCon 2020 merchandise. We will have more information on this event in the weeks ahead.

The gaming community that has grown around our little convention has become very special to us, and we will sorely miss hanging out with our friends and supporters at this year’s event. I hope that you are weathering the current crisis in good health, and that you are continuing to find ways to incorporate gaming opportunities into your life. We look forward to seeing everyone in person again next year.

Yours in Gaming,

Erik Carl, Director
TsunamiCon LLC

Tsunami GameDay Summer 2018

Join us for yet another full day of tabletop gaming on Saturday, August 4th at The Burrow! Admission is FREE, and there will be open gaming for RPGs and board games, with room for anyone to sit down and play some games. Features of Tsunami GameDay include:

  • Advance registration for scheduled games
  • Drawings for prizes and giveaways
  • Amazing sales on all gaming products
  • Purchase tickets for TsunamiCon 2018!

You can register now to run a game or register (it’s free!) and get a seat at someone else’s table. Though you can schedule an event at any hour of the day, we recommend long-form games such as RPGs be scheduled from 1pm to 5pm OR 6pm to 10pm to maximize flexibility for players who want to play more than one game and have time to grab dinner in between.

Remember, TABLES ARE LIMITED! We can handle four organized games at a time. Please register your games AND advertise them on our Facebook event page. If you have any questions, contact us directly or post them to Facebook.

Dates Set for TsunamiCon 2018!

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things:
   Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–Of cabbages–and kings–
      And why the sea is boiling hot–And whether pigs have wings.”

            ~ The Walrus and the Carpenter, Lewis Carroll

The time has come, indeed, to talk of one small thing in particular: TSUNAMICON 2018!

Mark your calendars, gamer boys and girls, for October 5th, 6th and 7th. Our fifth gaming convention in Wichita returns once again to the beautiful and historic Wichita Scottish Rite for three amazing days of tabletop fun! This is a premiere event attended by much of the local gaming community and friends from across the country, and it gets bigger and better every year!

While we have a long way to go before we hit the tables, our management is already hard at work planning new events, building on what we’ve learned from previous years, and incorporating much of the feedback and advice we’ve received from the community. As always, we start our journey by launching our special VIG Ticket Sale for 2018 for our hardcore fans and anyone who wants to get the best price possible on the ultimate convention experience! Your VIG ticket nets you a weekend pass, access to the VIG Lounge, this year’s T-shirt and commemorative dice, and more! This discount will only be available for a limited time, so buy early!

Also, if you’re considering purchasing vendor space at this year’s convention, it’s a good idea to apply now. Booths will be made available to early adopters first when they go on sale, and returning vendors get a 15% discount on booth space.

We’re ready for another amazing year with our gaming community in and around Wichita, and we look forward to seeing local friends and everyone who travels cross country to join us each year at the con.

Adventure awaits! Huzzah!!

TsunamiCon 2018 Announcement Coming Soon!

Gird thy loins for battle and prepare yourself for another great con in 2018!

The TsunamiCon management team is pleased to announce that we’ve opened talks for TsunamiCon 2018, and you can expect an announcement very soon! We are currently working out the details for yet another fantastic weekend of gaming this October at the Wichita Scottish Rite! Keep an eye on the website and on our social media for updates, and join us in person on Saturday, January 20th, for our first Tsunami GameDay of 2018 at The Burrow!


As we head into the final stretch, a calm grips the high seas. The crew busies themselves with the tasks at hand, making final preparations for the weekend of the con, whilst our lookout keeps a steady eye on the horizon. TsunamiCon is nigh! As we prepare ourselves for the final leg of our voyage, I want to thank a few of our distinguished sponsors and encourage you to follow suit. Without these fine folks, TsunamiCon just isn’t the same great experience we’ve come to love.

The Burrow: Gifts For Geeks. Even before we ran our very first convention here in Wichita, the Burrow was our home away from home. Derrek’s family welcomed our gaming community with open arms, and when we started pushing his little store to capacity, he expanded and gave us even more room to play. The Burrow has hosted our quarterly Game Day events and generously sponsored each and every TsunamiCon with a single-minded devotion to our local community and the hobby that brings us together. He has even eschewed the opportunity to set up shop in our dealer hall each year in favor of spending his own time enjoying the convention as a regular at the gaming tables! I cannot overemphasize how much The Burrow’s patronage has meant to TsunamiCon… a factor you’ve likely noted yourself if you’ve been collecting TsunamiCon T-shirts, as they’ve decorated each and every year’s edition as one of our beloved corporate sponsors.

Be sure to visit the store this week and thank them personally for everything they do. And pick up a TsunamiCon ticket while you’re there. Already have one? Fantastic! Buy one for a friend. You can a discount if you spend a little money at the store.

Venue 332 at Wichita Scottish Rite. Long-time attendees know that we floundered for a bit the first few years, trying to find the venue that perfectly complimented the style and substance of our event. After finally venturing away from the hotel circuit, we found just the right partner in the Wichita Scottish Rite. Kelly and her staff have shown a wonderful enthusiasm for everything we do and opened their hearts and their doors to our local gaming community. Partners in more than just the name, the Scottish Rite works with TsunamiCon to help make the event successful, investing in our event as a sponsor and helping us spread the good word. We’re excited at the opportunity to grow into the massive space available at their facility, a building with enough old world charm and immersion to please everyone’s inner child as they step into the room. And we have events all over the place… an enormous gaming room in the Great Hall, with our Marketplace nestled in an adjacent annex, an auditorium upstairs for our panels and live events, and designated rooms for special features like our Paint and Take, the Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator, the Puzzle Plex escape room, VIG Lounge, and more! Not to mention the fantastic concessions they make available throughout the hours of the con!

If you get a chance, I would definitely recommend you thank them for their hospitality, their support of our local gaming community, and for bringing us back year after year!

Puzzle Plex, About a year and a half ago, one of my friends in the podcasting community regaled me with tales of his family vacation and a visit to an escape room facility in one of the bigger cities he traveled through. At the time, escape rooms were a new phenomenon in the US and few and far between. In the months following that conversation, one or two such businesses popped their heads up here in Wichita, but they still weren’t common knowledge. Fortunately, a lot can change in a year… Wichita now has a handful of escape room facilities, and a growing number of Wichitans have had the pleasure of sampling their unique challenges. After taking some time to peruse some of the excellent facilities discussed online by our local community, I ultimately reached out to Puzzle Plex with a proposition. Eric and Curtis not only loved the idea, but we spent about an hour together one afternoon just touring the Scottish Rite and discussing all the possibilities. We picked a room, and they got to work. They’ll be tucked away in a lounge upstairs, and you absolutely must take this opportunity to see what they’ve come up with… not to mention get your name posted on the leaderboard!

Historical Board Gaming. Every year, I reach out to vendors and potential sponsors throughout the Midwest in the months leading up to the con, and I am always surprised at the kind and supportive words I received from most anyone I connect with during this time. This year, one of those surprises was from Doug at Historical Board Gaming. Doug runs his website out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and specializes in games and accessories for one of the oldest and proudest traditions of our hobby, historical board gaming. As a special thank you for his sponsorship of this year’s convention, I encourage you to visit his website and send link to anyone you know who enjoys the time-honored tradition represented in his store.

I also want to recognize contributions from: Greg and the team at Cardboard Carnage; Hobbytown USA, the Village Geek and Warehouse 34 for contributing games and prizes; Brad Kelly from Midwest GameFest, who has been a fantastic source of advice and encouragement and helps run and organize Shadowrun Missions at TsunamiCon; Badash Cosplay for running our cosplay events; and all our other sponsors, contributors, exhibitors, and the hard-working staff and volunteers who help us make everything happen.


Here’s to another amazing con! I’ll see you all next weekend! Huzzah!!