Game Masters

The beating heart of any home-grown gaming convention is the fine men and women who pour blood, sweat, and tears – or at least the risk of an occasional paper cut – into preparing RPG scenarios, running demos for the masses, showcasing their favorite games, and generally putting the “game” in a game con.

As a registered Game Master at TsunamiCon 2023, you are eligible for a GM/Volunteer Pass. To qualify for the discount, post at least 8 hours of games on our event schedule at any time prior to October 13th, 2023. To purchase a discounted badge for TsunamiCon 2023, select your badge and the appropriate discount during checkout.

Games in excess of an hour duration should be scheduled within our four-hour blocks. This design provides standardized breaks for meals and featured events that will allow participants to effectively schedule their time at the convention. Please keep this in mind while requesting times for your event. Alternative schedules may be available, as necessary.

For advice on running convention-style RPG scenarios, download out our Convention Guide for GMs.
If you have any questions about running events at TsunamiCon, please contact our event coordinator at