What is TsunamiCon?

TsunamiCon is Wichita's premiere tabletop gaming convention, presenting a variety of gaming opportunities and related geekery right here in America's heartland. In the wake of the ongoing health crisis, our 2021 events have been moved online as virtual cons. Join us online this year for our eighth annual TsunamiCon! Attendees can enjoy a number of fun and exciting events throughout the weekend - brought right to your computer and/or mobile device! Including a variety of tabletop games and RPGs, Featured Events, Demos, Special Guests, Organized Play, Live Entertainment, Panels, Contests and Giveaways, and more...!


We will bring you showcase events and Q&A sessions with game designers, writers and artists, crafters, cosplayers, and more! Experience something new, and get your virtual hands on original games, gaming aids, art prints, hand-crafted goods, and gaming-themed clothing and accessories. To find out more, or to sign up as a merchant or craftsman at TsunamiCon 2021, visit TsunamiCon.org/virtualmarketplace


We need online volunteers to help manage the convention, and we have flexible volunteer hours to meet your schedule. HelpDesk volunteers receive free admission to the con.  To sign up to volunteer at TsunamiCon 2021, visit TsunamiCon.org/virtualvolunteers


Even a virtual con has expenses. Whether it's an event sponsorship or just a banner ad on our website, we offer sponsorship packages suitable suitable for your needs. Find out more at TsunamiCon.org/advertising

Event organizers

Game Masters are now able to list games and events via our event registration system. If you need assistance with organizing a larger event, like a tournament or live program, please contact us directly. Visit our Events page for details. TsunamiCon.org/GM

How does my group, store or I get involved?

Drop us a line with your contact information and let us know how you'd like to be involved. See below for additional info:

  • Gaming Clubs or Organizations. We offer discounts for members of local gaming clubs and organizations, and we will have a table for flyers and other promotional information for your group or upcoming event. Organizers can contact us to qualify and arrange a discount code for members who purchase their tickets online. Your group or organization can also earn discounts by volunteering to help at the con.
  • Local Business. We enjoy partnering with local businesses to offer goods and services to our guests. Businesses interested in purchasing vendor space at the convention, sponsoring features or tables, advertising in the program, or exchange prize support for promotion at the con should contact us directly.
  • Individuals may participate as players and event organizers, and need not be part of a larger group to do so.  See our Volunteers and Events pages for details.

Who are the convention staff and organizers?

The convention is organized, staffed, and promoted by members of the Prismatic Tsunami gaming community. The convention is financed by TsunamiCon LLC, sale of tickets and merchandise, vendor fees and sponsorships. Prismatic Tsunami is a Kansas-based, global community of gaming enthusiasts who like to explore the hobby, produce game-related content (such as podcasts and periodicals), and organize events.


FRIDAY, OCT 22 • 8 am to 3 am
SATURDAY, OCT 23 • 8 am to 3 am
SUNDAY, OCT 24 • 8 am to 10 pm

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