T-Minus Seven Weeks to the Con!

romanhelmavatarAnother week down, and the convention looms ever nearer as the summer heat finally starts to give way to pleasantly warm days and cooler nights.  October will be here before you know it, and with it TsunamiCon.

Our focus over the past week has primarily been the event registration schedule.  Over a dozen new RPGs have appeared on the site, and we’re expecting nearly as many more in the week or so.  Highlights include a panoply of Shadowrun missions helmed by RPGKC Castellan Brad Kelley, a few games run by TsunamiCon management personnel, and an exciting chance to game with one of our special guests at this year’s con, game designer and scribe Casey Christofferson.  You should expect to see some D&D Adventurers League hit the schedule this week, along with some Call of Cthulhu sessions, more Savage Worlds and Fate, and even No Thank You, Evil! for the kiddos.

I also mentioned in a recent article that the VIG Gold package had expanded to include a couple more goodies, including a commemorative pint glass.  I’ve ordered some extras to sell at the con, but the best way to ensure availability is to pick up one of our few remaining VIG tickets.

Updates on the site are numerous, but subtle.  A lot of cleanup and improved functionality and aesthetics on some of the landing pages.  As always, if you have a question that you can’t find an answer to on the website, you can check our FAQ or drop me a line at info@tsunamicon.org.


Next week, we’ll start taking a closer look at individual events.  So get excited.  It’s almost Go Time.  (Did I really just say that…?)


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