Roleplaying Games

Near and dear to our collective heart, tabletop RPGs form a vital part of our game con culture, and we will move Olympus and Earth to ensure our Midwestern gamers and all TsunamiCon attendees a fertile ground for roleplaying goodness. Veteran and RPG-curious attendees alike will find the following services available to help scratch their gaming itch at TsunamiCon 2019:

Online Registration:  As a game master, you can post your games online with a brief description and all the necessary details.  As a player, you will be able to browse the catalog of posted games and sign up to reserve a seat at the table.

Open Gaming:  The Great Hall will provide numerous tables for open gaming.  GMs can actively recruit players from among convention attendees or see who signs up to try out their game.  Also a great place to meet other players and sit down for some spontaneous gaming.

Organized Play:  Watch the schedule for select offerings from D&D Adventurers League, Shadowrun Missions and Greyhawk Reborn. Check our developing schedule of events to see what’s available at this year’s convention.

Featured Games:  Some of our community GMs and special guests will run custom tabletop games and scenarios designed to showcase a given game system, theme, or setting.

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