Games & Events

At TsunamiCon, we provide a full schedule of games and events that appeal to the geek and gamer in us all.  You can spend three days at the tables, sampling different board games and RPGs, take an occasional break for a hot meal, a concert, panel or cosplay event, and still not explore everything TsunamiCon has to offer!  From this section, you can explore the following features:


    • Beth, you are absolutely permitted to bring any game you like. A game con is a fantastic place to bring games you love to share with other attendees. I’ve made more than a few friends that way over the years!

  1. Ive been getting into gaming as of late. Needed a hobby and a stress reliever with everything going on. Im really hoping to meet new local people in the area that can share any information experiences or assist me in my interests with ur expertise. Would anyone be interested in talking with me about it? Im a 30 year old cnc machinist with 2 kids. So id say im a responsible mature fun energetic person. Thank you

    • One of the cool things about the convention is the high volume of GMs, demo people, and local players who love introducing games to new players. I can heartily recommend coning out to the convention and signing up for anything that looks like a good time. You will invariably meet other gamers who are excited to share their passion for the hobby. And feel free to look me up! My name is Erik, and anyone on the staff can help you find me… staff are easily identified by the STAFF ribbon on their badges.

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