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TsunamiCon is proud to welcome a selection of special guests who are bringing a new level of class (and, occasionally, crass) to our fair city and the halls of gamerdom. Look for opportunities to enjoy their unique offerings and swap a few tales of gaming and geekery. For questions about any of our guests and their appearance at TsunamiCon 2017, contact us at [email protected]..


TsunamiCon 2016 welcomed Ryan Nock! First inspired to gaming by the kaliya on the cover of the Naturalist's Guide to Talislanta, Ryan is a line manager for EN Publishing, where he has written, produced and otherwise contributed to dozens of game products for D&D and Pathfinder. He directed the critically-acclaimed War of the Burning Sky adventure series, and has recently completed work on the Zeitgeist: Gears of Revolution adventure path.

Ryan was a featured guest at TsunamiCon 2016 and was involved in running games, panels, and anything else the convention director comes up with.


Casey Christofferson has written for various publishers since the early 2000's. He was an integral part of Necromancer Games' earliest years where he added work to Rappan Athuk 2, supervised the "Raise the Dead" anthology, penned Aberrations, Ennie-nominated Feast of the Gobbler, Tower of Jhedophar, and co-authored Vampires and Liches, Bard's Gate, and City of Brass. While working with Necromancer Games, he also struck up a friendship with Troll Lord Games, culminating in the Haunted Highlands Campaign Setting, Players Guide, and adventure sourcebooks. He worked on various iterations of the Book of Familiars, and was instrumental in the development of the Castle Keeper's Guide for Castles & Crusades. Casey has authored various short stories including Tinsel the Christmas Elf. Casey is considered an "OK" pen and ink illustrator by a handful of his peers who are sometimes willing to pay him for his scribbles.

Casey was a featured guest at TsunamiCon 2016 and ran a scheduled game event on Saturday afternoon.

Mikey Mason is a comedy monster. A naughty cartoon character. An experiment gone wonderfully wrong. He explodes onstage with unfathomable energy, relentlessly pounding away at his audience with a wit as fast as his mouth, infectiously hilarious original songs, and his completely twisted world view. He's the psycho stalker ex-boyfriend of comedy, except that you want to see him again. And again. And again... Mikey's geek convention material is all focused on his hobbies and passions: sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, role-playing games, video games, cartoons, whatever. It's generally rated PG to PG-13. You can find video examples of Mikey's Geek Rock Comedy act by clicking here. Admission is free with your TsunamiCon badge.

Back by popular demaind, Mikey returned for his third consecutive year at TsunamiCon! He was involved in more than one event and even ran some games, including an exclusive gaming event for select VIG Gold ticket holders!


TsunamiCon MC's Beard and Bean are a local geek comedy duo who bring an extra level of class and crass to any event. Genius entertainers with a quick wit and a will to celebrate everything geek in life, they can be found both on the stage and at the gaming tables throughout the event. Beard and Been perform hosting duties during opening and closing ceremonies, the TsunamiCon Cosplay Contest, and any other time they can entertain the masses.

This year's program included a very special live game of Dungeons & Dragons starring Beard and Bean, Mikey Mason, Dan Pewewardy, and Liz Duncan.

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