Support the Con

Get ready to support TsunamiCon 2023!

As with seemingly everything, the post-pandemic world has significantly affected the cost of running a live event. As our core community knows, we’ve never been a particularly large game con. We saw steady growth most years, and we’ve even struggled a time or two to fit everything into the venue we selected… but while costs have skyrocketed, our attendance numbers took a hit after going virtual for a couple years. We dearly hope to see that change in 2023.

With that in mind, we are once again running a Kickstarter campaign to drive fundraising for our event, and we definitely need your help. This page is a placeholder for the campaign we are launching very soon (just waiting on approval from Kickstarter, which is taking longer than usual). Please check back in the next few days. Then once we’re live, pledge your support to grab badges, merch, booths, and sponsorships, and get ready for our triumphant return to the Wichita Holiday Inn this fall!

We need your help getting the money together, getting the word out, and getting geared up for the gaming. See you at the con!