Podcast1bAt this year’s convention, we want to provide our community with every reasonable opportunity to get involved and make the con something special. We want to represent you, the attendee, at our con, and one of the best ways to do this is to provide accessible panel space for your enjoyment. Is there something special you would like to discuss with your fellow geeks and gamers? Does your particular fan community want to get together and discuss the latest? Maybe you have an idea or topic worth bringing to the masses.

If you would like to moderate a panel at this year’s event, submit your event and select “Panel” as your event type. We’ll review the request and explore our options. Unless otherwise noted, all panels will take place in the Guild Hall. TsunamiCon will provide access to a stage with theater seating and audio equipment sufficient for up to eight panelists. We can also provide additional table and chairs upon request. At this time, we are not budgeted for projectors, specialty audio/visual equipment, or anything else, but don’t be afraid to ask if you have a specific requirement in mind. We will certainly consider the options.

Approved panelists are entitled to a free Day Pass for the day of their scheduled event. Weekend or day passes are available for panelists at a discount. Contact to make arrangements. We will consider your request, determine an appropriate schedule, and get back to you as soon as we reasonably can. If you have any questions, contact our event coordinator at