Miniature Games

From the very earliest days of our hobby, miniature war games have represented the foundation of imaginative gaming.  TsunamiCon organizers and staff are no strangers to the allure of well-crafted minis and exciting tabletop action, and we are proud to host select gaming events presented by exhibitors who have returned to Wichita every year to offer unique experiences of a visual and tactile nature.  Come test your skills and immerse yourself in another world!


There are a lot of cool things about being a Freeblades player…

  • You get to play with great models
  • You have many ways to play the game
  • The tiered dice system provides for epic game play possibilities
  • The World of Faelon is a super deep and rich background with a faction for every preference and play style
  • We love our customers and take great care of them
  • You can get directly involved in the background and rules
  • It is very affordable – two players can get into the game for a little over $100 total
  • We have a ton of projects in the works and are adding more all the time

The team from DGS Games will be demoing Freeblades at their booth throughout the convention and have a variety of quality crafted miniatures and accessories to help you get started or expand your options for play.  See the event schedule for listed events and sign up to play.  Everyone walks away with something!

ALIENS: This Time It's War!

Aliens is a fast-paced and easy-to-learn miniatures war game set in the universe of Alien, Aliens, and Prometheus. You portray Colonial Marines trying to save the missing Hadley's Hope colonists of LV426. Children are very welcome to play. Game Master Allan Grohe from Black Blade Publishing supplies the minis and terrain; bring your own d10s and Pulse Rifles!

Allan runs different scenarios, which you can select from at the table: The Reactor (a good introduction to the game; escape-oriented), Rescue Newt (recover the missing Newt and escape back to the elevators), or Hunt the Queen (a brutal scenario pitting Ripley and the Colonial Marines against the nigh-unstoppable Alien Queen). Each scenario is driven by simple fast and fun mechanics with specific victory and defeat conditions.  The cool minis and beautifully-crafted custom terrain offer a truly immersive experience at the game table, and you'll soon find yourself shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow marines, grasping at precious inches as you strive to drive back the enemy and avoid capture and certain death.

In space, no one can hear you scream!

Schedule varies. Sign up at the Black Blade Publishing booth in The Great Hall. Visit the event registration page for scheduled games.