Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator


Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator returns to TsunamiCon in 2019!

If you ever wanted to join the bridge crew aboard a starship, here is your chance! You can choose from one of several roles: Communications Officer, Science Officer, Helmsman, Weapons Officer, Engineer, Fighter Pilot… or, of course, the Captain. All Officers but the Captain have their own workstation and the Captain directs the crew to the far reaches of space. Bring your friends and help defend your sector from hostile invaders!

Artemis is an amazingly immersive experience!  TsunamiCon Game Coordinators provide all the necessary gear, including networked computer workstations for each participant and a primary view screen for the Captain and the crew as you contend with various scenarios in deep space.

The game will be available on Friday evening, October 18th, after 6 pm in the Captain’s Quarter and will continue to run throughout the weekend during convention hours. Sessions will run roughly every 30 minutes or so.  Bring your friends and try it out, or join a group queuing up for play!  And come back for more anytime you like!