The Hallowed Scrolls

TsunamiCon 2017 is a reality today in part because these fine individuals elected to put their faith in us and throw down their cold, hard cash to help foot the bill early on as early convention supporters and backers of our Kickstarter campaign. We are, of course, grateful to all of our attendees, sponsors, supporters, vendors, advertisers, volunteers and excellent game masters, but it is these names above all we hold in the highest of regard and shout praises unto with the turning of the season. We urge you to follow suit and offer copious gratitude, obeisance, and the occasional foot-washing at each and every opportunity. Huzzah!


We are especially grateful to our corporate sponsors and promotional partners for their excellent patronage and investment in our event:

Historical Board Gaming
The Burrow: Gifts For Geeks
Venue 332 at Wichita Scottish Rite

Honored Brothers-in-Arms

With special thanks and glorious recognition:

jim pinto of Post World Games for designing our logos and offering to game with us TsunamiCon weekend! for contributing special VIG convention swag
Thornwood Designs for special prize contribution
Puzzle Plex
Comedy Rock Geek Mikey Mason
Shane Hensley and Pinnacle Entertainment Group

V.I.G Gold Members

Amanda Stamness
Amanda T
Bonnie Roe
Caleb Campbell
Dennis Jantzen
Jason "JiB" Tryon
Jim Waters
John Jones
Ken Young
Kurt Haack
Marleon Cumpston
Melissa Campbell
Michael Cross
Mike Myers
Richard Miller
Steven Mount
Tadd McDaniel
Trisha Leidich

V.I.G. Silver Members

Brad Kelley
Clint Brubakken
Jacob Lemmons
Jamie Heintz
Kristen Loffland
Randall Rapp
Stephanie Albright

Gamers and Adventurers

Bill Bowman
Bill Mimikos
Bob Brown
Brian Smith
Bryan Wiley
Campbell, Stephen Barbara & Josh
Christopher French
Cody Meireis
Colter Cookson
Derek Godfrey
Dominik King
John Benedetti
JW Gamble
Koal PR Soto
Lynda Ferrell
Mark Goldberg
Matt T
Nicholas Green
Patrick Ross
Peter C. Hildreth
S King
Susan Bennett and Scott DeMoss

Armsmen, Acolytes and Heralds

Brian Berg
Frank J Flores
Jim Ryan - Yes, THAT Jim Ryan
Paul Cleveland
Wade Gregory Tripp

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