The Game Library

The Tsunami Game Library is open to all attendees.  Drop by during Library hours and check out any one of our broad selection of games to play throughout the weekend.  Feel free to browse or search the following (incomplete) listing of available games for your enjoyment, and check back often as we are regularly updating the list in the weeks leading up to the con. The Game Library is open throughout the convention during the following hours:

    • October 6th, Friday : 12pm to 8pm
    • October 7th, Saturday : 9am to 8pm
    • October 8th, Sunday : 9am to 5pm

Access to the library is granted to all attendees as part of your badge fee.  The majority of the games are on loan from library patrons, so please treat all materials with care and respect.  If you have any questions, or would like to contribute games to the available selection for general use during the con, please contact our volunteer coordinator at [email protected].

Game TitleMin PlayersMax PlayersPlay TimeYear Released
Age of War2620 min2014
Battlestar Galactica362 hrs2008
Betrayal at House on the Hill3660 min2004
Blokus2420 min2000
Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game**2420 min2013
Cards Against Humanity43030 min2009
Caverna: The Cave Farmers1760 min2013
Compounded2560 min2013
Coup**2615 min2012
Cubist2440 min2014
DC Comics Deck-Building Game2545 min2012
Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game**25180 min2014
Deadfall2620 min2016
Do You Worship Cthulhu?53030 min2006
Dragon Farkle2530 min2015
Dragonwood2420 min2015
Dungeon1830 min1975
Dungeon Roll1415 min2013
Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre2630 min2012
Epigo2415 min2011
Evolution2660 min2014
Exploding Kittens2420 min2015
Fairytale Gloom2545 min2015
Falling485 min1998
Firefly: Shiny Dice1530 min2015
Flash Point: Fire Rescue1645 min2011
Fluxx**2615 min1997
Oz Fluxx2620 min2012
Forbidden Desert2545 min2013
Forbidden Island2430 min2010
Game of Thrones: The Card Game2490 min2015
Get Lucky**2620 min2014
Give Me the Brain!3830 min1996
Gloom2560 min2005
Hanabi2525 min2010
Hoverkraft185 min2014
Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King2540 min2015
Kanban: Automotive Revolution2490 min2014
Kill Doctor Lucky**3745 min1996
King of New York2640 min2014
King of Tokyo2630 min2011
Lord of the Fries3845 min1998
Lords of Waterdeep2560 min2012
Lords of Xidit3590 min2014
Love Letter2420 min2012
Love Letter: Batman2420 min2015
Lunch Money2420 min1996
Mice and Mystics14120 min2012
Monsters Menace America 2490 min2005
Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure2420 min2009
Munchkin3690 min2001
Munchkin Booty3690 min2008
Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas3690 min2015
Murder of Crows2520 min2012
Mysterium2745 min2015
New York 19012430 min2015
Once Upon a Time**2630 min1993
Oz Fluxx2620 min2014
Pandemic2560 min2008
Pandemic: The Cure2530 min2014
Pieces of Eight2610 min2006
Red Dragon Inn2845 min2007
Risk: Halo Legendary Edition2545 min2012
Risk Transformers: The Decepticon Invasion of Earth2460 min2014
Robo Rally2860 min1994
Sheriff of Nottingham3560 min2014
Small World2580 min2009
Smash Up2445 min2012
Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem3460 min2014
Splendor2430 min2014
Star Trek: Attack Wing2660 min2013
Star Trek: Catan3475 min2012
Star Trek Panic16120 min2016
Stuff and Nonsense**2660 min2015
Super Munchkin3690 min2005
Sushi Go2515 min2013
Tetris Link2415 min2011
The Princess Bride: Storming the Castle2430 min2008
The Resistance51030 min2009
The Village Crone1690 min2015
Three Cheers for Master2630 min2015
Ticket to Ride2545 min2004
Ticket to Ride: Europe2545 min2005
Ticket to Ride: The Card Game2430 min2008
Tiny Epic Galaxies1530 min2015
Tsuro of the Seas2830 min2012
Unexploded Cow2625 min2001
Zombie Dice**21215 min2010
Zombies!!!2560 min2001
Zong Shi3590 min2012
Note that the duration listed for many games is approximate and relies on a certain proficiency with the type of game or specific knowledge of the rules. Please allow more time when learning something new. Knowledgeable staff will be on hand to help show you the ropes.

** Playing one of these specially marked Play-To-Win games gives you a chance to win a copy of the game!

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