TsunamiCon Kickstarter Update: Week Three / The Pinto Protocol

With the first two weeks of our Kickstarter campaign down, we’re currently sitting at 74% of our basic funding goal, which is excellent. Anyone who has ever run a Kickstarter will bemoan the quiet period in the midst of the run when pledges just trickle in, and we’ve been weathering it fairly well. That being said, we do have some ground to cover… and some important stretch goals waiting just the other side.

So let’s talk about some of that.

When I launched our first Kickstarter campaign back in 2014, I was building on the support of a community which was largely comprised of the Metagamers Anonymous listener fanbase. One of the cooler things I’d had the opportunity to do as a podcast producer was schedule interviews with industry folk who enjoyed talking about their persons and products. One of the more entertaining conversationalists on the show – in fact, we were lucky if we ever even got around to talking about his products – was Jim Pinto of Post World Games. It seemed only natural that Jim would be the first guest I tried to enlist as a stretch goal for TsunamiCon.

Four years later, I’m still trying to make it happen.

I’m going to shower Jim with a little praise now, which I’m sure will annoy him to no end. Jim has been a guest on the show three times, as much or more than any of the other excellent game designers I know. He’s an accomplished writer and designer who has contributed to every part of the hobby in some way and his name graces some truly memorable products. I have backed seven of his Kickstarters over the past few years and been very pleased with the products I purchased, and he has been a great sounding board for my own ideas and promotional efforts. He even designed the current logos for Prismatic Tsunami, Metagamers Anonymous, and all the logos for TsunamiCon, some of it on his own time and without asking for a thing in return. (For some of it, I paid him anyway.)

Our basic funding goal is only $3500 this year, which makes it more than likely that we’ll hammer right through our first couple stretch goals and be on the fast track to flying Jim down from Seattle. At TsunamiCon, he’ll not only spend some time visiting with folks and join us for the live podcast, but he has some very cool RPGs of his own that he’d love to show off to the Wichita crowd. I truly want to show Jim how much we’ve appreciated his patronage of our community and his contributions to our hobby with some Midwestern gamer hospitality at TsunamiCon 2017.

So let’s make it happen.

Happy Monday, friends!

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