Event Registration

Submit your events for TsunamiCon 2020 Virtual Con! Though you can schedule events without it, Game Masters are required to purchase a badge prior to the event. GMs who schedule 8+ hours of events are eligible for a $15 discount on the Guild Pass. Select the coupon code during checkout. Be sure to submit your games as soon as possible to ensure the greatest chance of attracting players.

Games in excess of an hour duration should be scheduled within our four-hour blocks. This design provides standardized breaks for meals and featured events that will allow participants to effectively schedule their time at the convention. Please keep this in mind while requesting times for your event.

All scheduled events will be assigned a text and a voice channel in our TsunamiCon Discord server where the host can post any relevant information, messages, updates, and links. While the Discord channels are available to use as you see fit, GMs are responsible for providing links to Virtual TableTops and any necessary videoconferencing. Apps or services requiring participants to have paid access to the software must be noted in the event description.

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Event Registration

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If you require assistance, drop us a line at info@tsunamicon.org.