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General Information: [email protected]

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Event coordinator: [email protected]

Volunteer coordinator: [email protected]

For general correspondence with TsunamiCon, LLC,
send all inquiries, parcels, tribute and other dry goods to:

TsunamiCon, LLC
c/o Erik Carl
24 Shawnee Dr
Park City, KS 67219

To learn more about the Prismatic Tsunami web community, podcasting network, and publishing company, contact the community administrator at [email protected] or visit the Prismatic Tsunami website.


  1. hey want to know if we could use a drone in the main hall to video the event at times here and there. need to know before I devote time to figuring out how to fly my new drone. mind you I will not use it to dive bomb certain people and also will not use it to stare at Erik’s cleavage and bald spot (hehehehe). Also I promise to be responsible and trust worthy to not let anyone else use my instrument of video harassment, I mean usefulness to use in inappropriate ways that erik and I have seen fit.

    • Does the drone include indoor safety features, such as blade guards or proximity sensors? I would LOVE to get some aerial shots in the great hall when it’s hopping, Mike, but we’d have to be absolutely sure of safety and control in that environment before I bring it up with the venue. And look who’s talking about “bald spots”, bucko.

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