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Where is TsunamiCon?

This year's TsunamiCon event is being held at the Midian Shrine Center in downtown Wichita.  The address is 130 North Topeka Street, Wichita, KS 67202.

When is TsunamiCon?

TsunamiCon takes place annually in the fall.  This year's event is being held October 18th through 20th, 2019.

What is TsunamiCon?

TsunamiCon is a grass-roots fanmade tabletop gaming convention held every year in Wichita, Kansas.  It's a three-day event with a focus on roleplaying games, board games, card games, miniature games, and related activities.  It's the first and only event of its kind in Wichita, with organized gaming events, tournaments, contests, and demos all weekend long, as well as panels, cosplay events, a dealer hall, live entertainment, LARP events, and more!

How do I get into the event?

Anyone interested in attending TsunamiCon will need to purchase a badge.  A badge gives you access to the gaming room, dealer hall, panels and entertainment programs and other free events.  A badge will also allow you to purchase event tickets to participate in specific games and events.

Note that, with rare exception, tickets to games and events at the convention are free and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How can I get more information on demoing a game at TsunamiCon?

We are very interested in seeing new games and game-related products showcased at our event, and we are excited to help local and regional game designers gain exposure.  If you are interested in demoing a game or product, you are welcome to schedule demos as you see fit. If you have questions, please contact our event coordinator at [email protected].  For maximum exposure and preferential access to space, we encourage you to purchase a vendor space in the TsunamiCon Marketplace.

What hours does the convention run?

The operating hours for TsunamiCon 2019 are:

Friday, Oct 18th  12pm to 11:30pm
Saturday, Oct 19th  8am to 11:30pm
Sunday, Oct 20th  8am to 5:30pm

The TsunamiCon Marketplace hours are:

Friday, Oct 18th  3pm to 8pm
Saturday, Oct 19th  10am to 8pm
Sunday, Oct 20th  10am to 3pm

All persons must be out of the building before midnight on Friday and Saturday evenings.

How can I schedule and host a panel at TsunamiCon?

We do have dedicated space for panels available at the convention.  To submit a request to run a panel, lecture, or discussion group at the convention, visit our Panels page.  If you have any questions, contact our event coordinator at [email protected].

How can I run a game or event at TsunamiCon?

At TsunamiCon, we are always looking for dedicated game masters.  To schedule a game and reserve a table at the convention, visit our game registration page and submit the details of your event.  Your event will then be approved and scheduled by management as available. If we require clarification or request changes to your entry, you will be contact via email and asked to make any necessary adjustments and resubmit. If you have any questions or want more information, contact our event coordinator at [email protected].

Where can I stay?

Every year, we make an attempt to provide suitable hotel accommodations for congoers. The city of Wichita boasts a diverse array of conveniently located quality hotels.  For information on our housing block for this year's event, visit our Hotel Reservations page.

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How do I purchase a GM or Volunteer pass?

Game Masters or volunteers who commit to 4 or more hours of service at the convention are eligible for a discounted prices on their badge.  To redeem the discount, select a weekend badge or day pass to purchase in our online store, then select the appropriate discount on the next page.  GMs must pre-register their games and volunteers must submit a volunteer application to qualify for the discount.  Unqualified attendees who purchase discounted passes will be charged the balance of the cost for a weekend pass at the registration table.  Volunteer passes will not be available at the event and must be purchased in advance.

If you have questions about volunteering, contact [email protected].
For more information about running games and events at TsunamiCon, contact [email protected].

Where can I purchase a badge for TsunamiCon?

Various ticketing options are available at discounted prices on our website and can be picked up at Will Call during the event.  Weekend and day passes will also be available at the event.  Badges may also be available for purchase at promotional events prior to the convention and at certain Wichita locations.

What is a VIG membership and how do I purchase one?

VIG badges are available for this year's event only on our website for a limited time.  VIGs receive a full weekend pass with special VIG badge, a TsunamiCon 2016 T-Shirt, our Tsunami-Con 2016 commemorative dice product and similar swag, and access to the VIG Lounge. All VIG members are also eligible for any non-exclusive gaming events and prize drawings.

VIG stands for Very Important Gamer.

Does a badge qualify me for any event, or could there be additional fees?

Nearly every event hosted by TsunamiCon is free of charge with the purchase of your badge, including convention-hosted tournaments, non-exclusive games, panels and activities, and live performances.  A small number of tournaments hosted by third-party vendors may require an additional entry fee to help cover the cost of prizes and/or materials. There are sometimes exclusive games that may require a small entry fee.

Where can I find your terms of service?

The purchase of a TsunamiCon badge implies that you have read and agreed to abide by our terms of service.  Our terms of service agreement can be found at

Does TsunamiCon offer group discounts?

We are happy to offer special discounts for gaming clubs, groups, and organizations who may need a higher number of tickets.  Contact our sales department at [email protected] to discuss your specific needs.

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