Tickets for TsuanmiCon 2020 are NOT yet available!

You will be able to purchase any of the following badges via our online ticketing gateway, once available. Badges will be available at Will Call during the event.

Your TsunamiCon Badge provides the following benefits:

  • Complete access to the TsunamiCon convention facilities for the hours of the con (note that hours are subject to change):
    • FRIDAY • 12 pm to 11 pm
    • SATURDAY • 8 am to 11 pm
    • SUNDAY • 8 am to 6 pm.
  • Free access to the TsunamiCon Marketplace, open gaming, panels, presentations, and scheduled entertainment.
  • Access to the Event Registration to sign up for registered gaming events and/or list your own games.
  • Free access to The Game Library.
  • Access to Organized Play events such as D&D Adventurers League.
  • Free entry into convention giveaways and contest events (requires weekend pass).

Select tournaments and special events may require an entry fee.

Discounts ____________________________

Volunteers and Game Masters earn credit toward discounts on TsunamiCon badges, whether purchasing a badge for a single day or a weekend pass (discounts do not apply to VIG tickets). Volunteers must agree to the terms of service and submit an application. Game Masters must pre-register their games online prior to the event. The required commitment for each discount is as follows:

4 HOURS - $10 discount on any one badge
8 HOURS - $20 discount on any one badge
12 HOURS - 100% discount on any one badge

A $5 discount is also available for members of approved gaming clubs or organizations, including the following:

The Role Players Guild of Kansas City
Midwest GameFest organizers/volunteers
KantCon organizers/volunteers

Merchandise __________________________

As always, we will be offering a selection of exclusive TsunamiCon merchandise, such as t-shirts with the TsunaniCon logo on the front, and event information and sponsors on the back.

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