Advance VIG tickets for TsunamiCon 2018 are now available! TsunamiCon is a three-day event with a full schedule of games, events, and exclusive features. Day passes will be available, with a significant discount available for the entire weekend. We also offer fantastic discounts for volunteers and game masters, and you can even pick up a limited VIG pass or select add-ons such as commemorative merchandise or tickets to exclusive gaming events. Registration opens several weeks prior to each event.

Your TsunamiCon Badge provides the following benefits:

  • Complete access to the TsunamiCon convention facilities for the hours of the con:
    • FRIDAY, Oct 5th • 12 pm to 11 pm
    • SATURDAY, Oct 6th • 8 am to 11 pm
    • SUNDAY, Oct 7th • 8 am to 6 pm.
  • Free access to the TsunamiCon Marketplace, open gaming, panels, presentations, and scheduled entertainment.
  • Access to the Event Registration to sign up for registered gaming events and/or list your own games.
  • Free access to The Game Library.
  • Free entry into the TsunamiCon Cosplay Contest.
  • Access to Organized Play events such as D&D Adventurers League.
  • Free entry into convention giveaways and contest events (requires weekend pass).

Select tournaments and special events may require an entry fee.

Discounts ____________________________

Volunteers and Game Masters earn credit toward discounts on TsunamiCon badges, whether purchasing a badge for a single day or a weekend pass (discounts do not apply to VIG tickets). Volunteers must agree to the terms of service and submit an application. Game Masters must pre-register their games online prior to the event. The required commitment for each discount is as follows:

4 HOURS - $10 discount on any one badge
8 HOURS - $20 discount on any one badge
12 HOURS - 100% discount on any one badge

A $5 discount is also available for members of approved gaming clubs or organizations, including the following:

The Role Players Guild of Kansas City
Midwest GameFest organizers/volunteers
KantCon organizers/volunteers

Merchandise __________________________

As always, we will be offering a selection of exclusive TsunamiCon merchandise, such as t-shirts with the TsunaniCon logo on the front, and event information and sponsors on the back.


    • Thanks for asking! We are currently having a special advance ticket sale for VIGs only at a nice discount. You can purchase your tickets directly from our site. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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